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Specific Aims

What you want to learn by conducting this study. See Sample: Specific Aims.(Adobe Acrobat File help)

The core of any proposal is the Research Plan, which involves addressing the what, why, and how of the study or project.

Key Notes
  • The specific aims section should serve as a succinct description of what you plan to accomplish during the project period.

  • Begin this section with a brief description of the overall short- and long-term goals and the importance of your research project, then state the specific aims in terms of measurable, time-phased objectives. Numbering or bulleting each specific aim can be an effective way of "walking the reader through the proposal."

  • Make sure your specific aims lead logically into and are consistent with the long-term objectives. For projects completed in two phases, indicate how the activities performed in Phase I lead directly into the activities planned for Phase II.

  • Be sure to mention the hypothesis (or hypotheses) to be tested.

  • If so instructed in the RFA or grant instructions, mention the specific funding mechanism. For example, if you are applying for an R03, you should mention at the outset that the application is for an R03 and state why you are qualified for this funding mechanism.

  • One page is recommended for this section.

List your specific aims.

Note: This sample grant is available for downloading in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format, which allows the document to be downloaded, viewed, and printed with all of its original formatting. To view files in this format, you must first download a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader and follow the instructions for installation.



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